Pre-moistened Lens Wipes Description:

*Pre-moistened 45gsm paper with right amount of moisture.

*Wet enough to clean back to back and dry quickly.

*Individually wrapped to avoid drying out prematurely.

*Disposable and convenient to carry.

*With high tech formula,clean thoroughly without leaving streaks or residue.

*Ideal for eye wear, smartphone ,all types of sensitive screens.

*Both with or without ethyl alcohol formula for your choice.

Size Options:

1.Single packed:

8mmx8mm, 10mmx10mm, 15mmx15mm, 20mmx20mm,custom to order.

2.Double packed:


3.Triple packed:


Test Reports:

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Tissue Size: 140mmx140mm

Box Size: 90mmx75mmx10mm

Packing: Double packed


Tissue Size: 140mmx140mm

Box Size: 10mmx75mmx35mm

Packing: Double packed


Tissue Size: 140mmx140mm

Box Size: 75mmx65mmx105mm

Packing: Double packed


Tissue Size: 140mmx140mm

Box Size: 13mmx65mmx215mm

Packing: Double packed

Pre-moistened Lens Wipes box
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