Now more and more people wearing glasses, basically be without glasses. Believe that people with a pair of glasses have such experience, go to the house from the outside in cold winter, the glasses will look not clear, there is a layer of mist, at this moment, we are about to take glasses cloth to wipe. So, is especially important, glasses cloth, glasses cloth cleaning also can’t be ignored. We only know clean glasses, but we must pay attention to the cleaning cloth wipe the glasses glasses. Because if your glasses cloth was very dirty, wipe the glasses as well as the effect of is dirty. So we before cleaning glasses, also have regular cleaning (superfine fiber) oh glasses cloth.
How to wash would be better?
Superfine fiber had better use laundry detergent to wash the glasses cloth, do not use water. Water dissolved the laundry detergent (preferably warm water), then put the glasses cloth soaked in 10 to 15 minutes, then wash clean. Glasses cloth material is very important, each time you clean your eyeglasses, rinse the best glasses. Glasses also want to keep it clean, can go to the store with the ultrasonic cleaning. If it’s convenient for feel trouble or not, you can use detergent to clean glasses, but try not to scratch the glasses.
Now the application of superfine fiber glasses cloth is more and more widely, has been deeply into all walks of life, is the close-fitting good partner of modern production. Glasses cloth actually don’t need too much maintenance, only need to pay attention to clean. Microfiber glasses cloth a long service life, customers can rest assured to use as long as you like.