Benern Optics specializes in microfiber cloth,gloves,pouch,promotional gifts,sticky cleaner, lens cleaner wipes,spray,kit, eyeglasses and contact lenses dual case

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Microfiber Cloth,Microfiber Gloves,Microfiber Pouch,Contact Lenses Dual Case,Lens Cleaning Kit,Lens Cleaner Spray,Eyeglasses Case,Microfiber Sticky Cleaner,Pre-moistened Lens Wipes,Contact Lenses Case Holder

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“This is the Best cleaner I have ever seen.”

“Wow! It won’t be a surprise to order more and more here in the near future, we got some repeated orders from customers ,the spray cleaner is perfect! Also ,the price is fair.”  —-lens cleaner

– Sunitha, India

We have a strict deadline.They said” we can assure you,you should give it a try”. They kept me informed of the process.The cloth arrived exactly on time so that we can send out at the fair! A great experience. —-microfiber cloth
Todd, United States
I thought all the microfiber cloths were the same . WRONG! After I brought from here,I’ve needed to replace the old microfiber cloths that we had from other sources.These cloths work extramely well, my clients told me they loved the cloths very much. —-microfiber cloth
B. Hillerstrom, Canada
We placed an order with our logo,they didn’t print at the beginning because there was a color issue with logo and the case color. They kept communication via email till it was correct. Great advice, extremely professional! —-contact lense case
Christopher, France
I was a bit concerned when the preview virtual was blurry,so I sent an email to confirm this wouldn’t be the case before it went to print.They run a pre-production sample to show the finished product and it looked great.I received a nice email upon order , also got email updates when moved into production to shipping. I would definitely work with them again. —-microfiber cloth
Lee.w, Australia
We worked with many vendors from China ,no one except this ,actions around packing. Each double boxed with binding tapes. When we received we just removed outer cartons and sent directly without changing boxes. They’re so considerate.I highly recommend this company. —-eyeglasses case
Ingrid, Netherlands

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